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Carla Sullivan


Carla Sullivan - Artist Crafter


I see things differently than most and refer to myself as a Pajama Artist….  I love waking up to a brand new day of possibilities. With comfy clothes, coffee in hand as I head to my backyard studio, to create, revive, and bring to life a new piece of art.

Native NH born and Nashua resident for the past 35 years. Currently living in one of our favorite places in the Lakes region, Moultonborough NH. I have worked with different mediums throughout my life, wood, paint, glass, metal, stained glass and a little electric and plumbing. My love in finding inspiration in old, run down, rusty vintage items has always been a passion of mine. I weld rusty old tools into Sculptures and Signs. Turn old carpenter tool into ice chests, herb boxes, bars, picnic caddies, and planters. My art and craft is my way to be creative in a therapeutic manner, while allowing me to share the beauty that is possible by giving new life and new beginnings to the downtrodden, the throwaways and forgotten treasures. Customizing signs and sculptures for clients from family heirlooms, like Grandma’s meat grinder, which is now a rotating “Mantel Moose” or

Grandpa’s old tools that are now welded together to spell the family name. My reward is knowing when a piece is done. I stand back, lay down my helmet, torch and tools, and for now, the world is as it should be. Something old and forgotten, meant for the junk pile, now has new life.

For ideas or more info, checkout my web site here you can also see my creative process with my interview with Ginny Barret from Access TV Nashua. My pieces are distinctive, original and one of a kind. I can replicate an idea, but the piece is what makes it it’s own.


603-320-8888    CSULLY05@COMCAST.NET

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