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Fred Robinson


Fred Robinson - Sculptor


“Here I sit and wonder

while my mind begins to wander

as it tends to do”

"I feel great enjoyment when I find an interesting piece of wood. It may be found on the side of a road, in an old barn, on a beach, waterlogged and submerged in a lake or river or below a dam or waterfall. I sometimes recognize right away the intended subject that just needs to be enhanced. 


Other pieces need time. Some need to be stripped of rot to get to the heart of the wood, to be looked at from many different angles, to be set aside and found again.

I am often surprised by the outcome of what the wood reveals and can take no credit for many of the details or colors that emerge."


Fred lives in Danbury N.H. with his wife Dee Dee.  He recently retired from the special education department at Newfound Regional High School. He has no formal art training but has honed his love for smooth and shiny as an auto body repairman for 38 years.


Fred has been a presenter at the Sculptural Visions event held at the Agustus St. Gaudins National Historic Site in Cornish, NH. since 2012


Fred is open to commission work. If you have a favorite piece of wood, a moose antler or a subject you would like to have sculpted contact him at: 603-768-5938. 

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