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Pam Miller


Pam Miller - Jewelry Metalsmith


I live in New Boston, NH and recently retired from a forty year career in public education. Over the years I’ve worn many “hats” including teacher, counselor, middle school principal and school district administrator. Along this pathway, my journey as an artist also evolved. Creative expression has always been a part of my life – it keeps me focused and grounded. In college, when I had the opportunity to take electives classes, I took art classes. My senior year, I won the Society Art Award for a sculpture my professor entered in the college art show. I had no idea this piece was even in the show as I was off campus doing my student teaching that semester. The piece was my 2-D Design class final project that I left behind in the classroom because it was too heavy for me to get it home! 


About twelve years ago I decided to revisit working with metals – I hadn’t done this since I was in high school. I met a silversmith from the League of NH Craftsmen who took me on as a student for a few years. Now she tells me, “You’ve graduated!” We now collaborate as colleagues and continue to learn from each other. Metalsmithing provided me the opportunity to do something energizing and gave me a much needed escape from what were often very chaotic, stressful days. Now that I’m retired, I have time to continue to take classes and learn on my own. As I learned new techniques, my own style emerged. I work primarily in sterling silver but also do mixed metal design using copper, brass and gold.  Inspiration for my designs comes from the organic flowing lines of nature, as well as the structural lines of architectural forms. I incorporate natural gemstones, pearls and art glass into my pieces. The design always evolves through the fabrication process – it’s never done until it’s done!  I am drawn to the problem solving and the challenge of transforming ideas into a final product. 


The evolution of my work can be seen at and I have an on-line shop at I teach classes in my home studio and at Artistic Roots Gallery in Plymouth, NH where my work is also available for purchase. I’m always happy to do a custom design to create a special piece just for you!   

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