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Florence Parlangeli


Flo Parlangeli - Plein Air Fine Artist and Jewelry Maker


“Painting is like music to the dancer…

                                        you have to feel what you paint.“  ~ Flo ~


Florence Mae Parlangeli, born and raised in New Rochelle, NY, grew up as a dancer and with a love of the arts.  After graduating from The State University of NY with a degree in Advertising Art and Design and a training in fine art, she started her career as an Assistant Art Director 

with New York Life Insurance Co., in Manhattan, NY.  


While raising her family and pursuing her profession in Advertising, Flo painted for pleasure, often land and seascapes, and her works were displayed and honored at art shows in New England. She is a Plein Air artist and rarely works from photographs using oil or acrylic paints. Her paintings are created on site on the coasts of Florida in New Hampshire and Maine, producing dramatic original works of art. She has always incorporated her artistic talents into her life and has explored the age-old technique of Japanese, Sumi-e art painting, along with developing a passion for creating original jewelry. Her designs are derived from a love of color and a keen eye for balance and proportion. Each item in Flo’s collection is individually designed, and her pieces range in theme from fun and spunky to sophisticated and spirited. She resides in Pembroke, NH. 


As an artist, I see movement, color and light in everything around me. My artistic passions have always encompassed many forms of expression, yet I have always been drawn back to painting as my first love. One of the things that thrills me about painting most is being able to absorb so much of the nature that surrounds me and let each element of sight sound and color find its way into the artwork. It brings me great joy to create paintings that people enjoy looking at in their homes, day after day.

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