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Karen Bordeau


Karen Bordeau - Glass Mosaics and Birdbaths

I grew up in Pepperell, Massachusetts near the Nissitissit River where I explored the fields, forests and the river edges. It was fascinating to find and watch birds’ nests, whether they were under the bridges or in the large maple tree in our yard. Little did I know then that the time spent observing these birds would foster a live-long interest and passion for bird watching. I pursued a career in wildlife management in Maine and have been fortunate to work in this field for 38+ years. I live in Sanbornton, NH where my husband and I create fields and young forest habitat on our farm to attract wildlife.

In my spare time, I create concrete bird baths using a rhubarb leaf for the design. The bird baths are created to be functional and beautiful at the same time, and come in different sizes to fit most spaces that the birds will visit. The deep veins in the rhubarb leaf create an important texture for song birds to grip and feel safe while using the bird bath. The bird baths are made to be placed on the ground so they will transform any garden or landscape with a burst of color. At first I was making bird baths and gifting them to family and friends. Friends encouraged me to start selling them, and with hesitation I began to sell the bird baths at craft fairs. The bird baths have become popular with beekeepers because of the texture the rhubarb leaves create, this texture gives the bees a foot hold to get a drink without drowning.  Each time someone purchases a bird bath or bee bowl, I’m hopeful that it brings as much joy to them as mine have to me.

A few years ago, I took a mosaic class in Laconia and I liked the transformation of glass and grout from an idea in my head. Recently, I have developed an interest in mosaic art using wood, acrylic paint and broken tempered glass. I have taught myself this art and enjoy blending different colors to create abstract wall art. I tend to paint in the blue and green shades found in the fields and forests, or the grays of the bitter cold arctic wind in a snow storm. It is an honor to part of the Squam Lakes Artisan community. For custom mosaic wall art I can be reached by Email at

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