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Marian Federspiel


Marian Federspiel: Digital Painter


Marian Federspiel is an acclaimed regional artist whose work reflects the natural beauty of the forests, mountains and lakes of New Hampshire’s central and northern regions. The artist draws her inspiration from kayaking, hiking or simply gazing out her window. Her visually inspired prints depict what the artist describes as “narrow vertical or horizontal slices of the region in all four seasons.”


The artist creates her remarkable images in her studio by using digital “pixels” as her “paint,” a mouse as her “brush,” and with her computer monitor serving as her “canvas.” The artist describes her process as “similar to brush painting.” “When I am inspired by a scene I prepare sketches and/or take photographs for reference. I then draw the scene or image on the screen of my Mac with the mouse.” After the image is created it is printed with archival ultrachrome pigmented ink which results in brilliantly colored serigraph-like graphic prints.


The artist has a BFA in painting from the University of Connecticut and a M. Ed from Lesley University. She worked as a commercial art director and designer for 20 years before becoming a digital art teacher at Laconia High School where she taught for the next 20 years. It was her work in commercial design where computers took over the industry in the late 80’s that introduced her to the unlimited wondrous potential of digital painting.


Marian is retired from teaching now and works from her home studio. She displays and sells work in several shops/galleries in the area including Squam Lakes Artisans in Center Harbor. Work can also be viewed and purchased on the web at

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