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Melissa Antul


I don't recall a time in my life when I wasn't creating. My mother was an oil painter and ceramic artist. Growing up, we were always making something new and different, often for school and church bazaars. I have carried this creative instinct into both my life and my work. Over the years. I have used art and craft as a means to engage children to help them learn about and feel good about themselves and as a way to help them engage effectively with others. This led to my career as a school psychologist where I spent years running therapeutic groups in public schools using arts and crafts as a focal activity.


I discovered GLASS as an amazing medium when sharing a class alongside my then adolescent daughter at the Currier Art School in Manchester, NH. The first of many classes that I took was run by Judith Copeland, League of NH juried glass artist, and as they say, "the rest is history". 

All of my glass is created and fused in my home studio in Sanbornton, NH where I live amidst inspiring views of mountains, fields and Lake Winnisquam! Each piece of glass is hand cut and/or ground to shape and layered into one of my kilns where items are fired to 1200F-1500F degrees at least once and often many more times in order to achieve the desired results. Each firing takes a day or more to insure proper annealing. I love the depth and textures found in nature, and often use such items in silver tissue, metal shapes, colored frit, fusible paper, paints or wire swirls fused and dichroic decals within or on the glass. 

Each piece of glass from Melissa Antul Glass Transformations is a one-of-a-kind signed work-of-art and love, created to share my joy and vision with others. 

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