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Sue George


Sue George - Knitter

Painting has been my life long hobby. I am a perennial observer of my surroundings. In my daily life, and even as a young child, I marvel at the effects and juxtapositions of natural light and color — in landscapes, shapes, and objects that evoke a mood, a hint of mystery or discovery. As a painter, I photograph these moments and images and store them in a portfolio “to paint”. 


The study of Art History was a natural choice of major for me at Connecticut College ‘81, supplemented by taking many studio art classes. After graduation, I landed a job in educational publishing as a book designer where I honed my skills in graphic design — layout, composition, typography, photography, and commissioning art for many years.


In my spare time, I continued to pursue painting by taking a variety of art classes, mostly in oil, at the Essex Art Center in Lawrence, learning from Artist Mark Hayden - a Copley Master, Tamara Krendel, and Caleb Stone. I participated in silent and live auctions, art expositions, and have received numerous commissions for portraits of children, adults, couples, and animals.


I have taught art classes, specifically drawing and painting to children and adults. During the school year, I work as a Special Ed Instructional Assistant in middle school. My teaching provides that wonderful charge of give and take of discovering and nurturing one's creative expression.


I have been fortunate to travel to many destinations, some exotic, choosing images to explore my growth as a painter. I always come back to Squam Lake as a location for my constant attention. Having summered at Squam my entire life, now my own family enjoys the beauty of the region from our Sandwich, NH farmhouse. 


I live and work in Andover with my husband and two grown sons. 

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